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Alumni Winter Study 2022
Return to the virtual classroom for bite-size, one-hour versions of two Williams Winter Study 2022 courses, designed and taught by fellow alums!

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12 | 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm ET
EPHS 112 “Curation and Context: From Museums to Marketing” with Katherine Conaway ’09

Curation is always at play, complex layers of context exist, and a specific perspective is always being presented — whether we’re in a museum, looking at a website, or anything else humans made. As we encounter art, advertisements, stories, products, and propaganda, we should bring a critical eye to what we're being presented with to evaluate what we think about it (and why).

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19 | 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm ET
EPHS 119 “An Introduction to Political and Social Action” with Landon Marchant ’20

What does it mean to act and stand for what you believe in? How do you reason through hard choices with no good answer? How does that happen in the framework of nonprofits and politics? This one-hour course is an introduction to the reality of organizing, advocacy, and political action.
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Katherine Conaway '09
Katherine Conaway ’09 is a freelance writer, consultant, and producer. She’s been a digital nomad since June 2014, working remotely while traveling to more than 50 countries. She is the coauthor of The Digital Nomad Survival Guide and host of the Modern Work podcast. Katherine is passionate about art, culture, education, and communication.
Landon Marchant '20
Landon Marchant '20 has nearly ten years of intensive volunteer experience in activism, policy, and social change. They are currently serving as the Economic Impact Programs Manager at Minority Veterans of America, where they also advise the policy team on economic issues. Landon has written and spoken at length about transgender military service and veteran success. Their full-time role is the Global DE&I Analyst for ZX Ventures, Anheuser-Busch InBev's global innovation and investment division.